Bo Yang

Who Am I?

Hi all! I am now a PhD candidate at The University of Tokyo. I came from Tianjin (China), while I spent most of my childhood in Tokyo (Japan).

I love travelling and cooking.And... I'm also a Splatoon player! (with XP2400+)Splatoon is a shooting game from Nintendo.Can't wait for Splatoon3, and just looking forward to playing with you:)

Research Activities

In my master's research, I was focusing on benchmarking and better use of near-term quantum devices.

In my PhD study, I am studying the better quantum algorithms and protocols that are feasible on near-term quantum devices.

As for my long-term goal, I am looking for practical quantum architectures and high-level quantum programming languages.


  • Bo Yang, Rudy Raymond, Shumpei Uno "Efficient Quantum Readout Error Mitigation for Sparse Measurement Outcomes of Near-term Quantum Devices", Physical Review A, 2022

    • Invited talk at Quantum Control Group in Forschungszentrum Jülich

    • Nomination for the Metriq platform

    • Best student poster award at Asian Quantum Information Science (AQIS) Conference 2021

    • Student encouragement award at The 3rd SIG on Quantum Software (SIGQS) Workshop (2021)

  • Bo Yang, Rudy Raymond, Hiroshi Imai, Hyungseok Chang, Hidefumi Hiraishi, "Testing Scalable Bell Inequalities for Quantum Graph States on IBM Quantum Devices", IEEE JETCAS (early access), 2022

    • Talk at The 2nd SIG on Quantum Software (SIGQS) Workshop (2021)

    • Poster Session at Quantum Information Processing (QIP) Conference 2021

Internships / Projects

  • Winter Research Internship (NTT Research)

February 2022 - March 2022

Theoretical analysis of large-scale quantum computation on the NISQ computer using the hybrid tensor network method

  • Organizing Staff of IBM Quantum Challenge Fall 2021 (IBM Japan)

April 2021 - December 2021

Co-author and a member of judging team of the final problem


  • Doctor's Course at Laboratoire d'informatique de Sorbonne Université (LIP6, Sorbonne University)

August 2022 - currently attending
Advisor: Prof. Elham Kashefi
Group: Edinburgh and Paris Quantum Virtual Lab, LIP6 Quantum Information Team

  • Doctor's Course at Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

April 2022 - (Stopped and transferred to LIP6, Sorbonne University)
Advisor: Prof. Tetsuo Shibuya

  • Master's Course at Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

April 2020 - March 2022
Advisor: Prof. Hiroshi Imai
Master Thesis Title: Witness of Multipartite Entanglements with Efficient Readout Error Mitigation on Near-term Quantum Devices

  • Bachelor's Course at Department of Information Science, School of Science, The University of Tokyo

April 2016 - March 2020
Advisor: Prof. Hiroshi Imai
Senior Thesis Title: Faster Computation of Linear Rank-width via Quantum Algorithm Based on Dynamic Programming



  • 日本語: Native

  • 汉语: (semi-)Native

  • English: TOEFL 96

  • Français: Beginner


  • Python

    • Qiskit

  • C++

  • OCaml